3D printed reusable mask for COVID-19 Protection

The Covid virus is causing a breakdown in distribution chains and mask shortages around the world.  We decided to create our own 3D Printed Reusable Mask for people that like us are in shortage of PPE to have at least a bit of protection aganist the Sars-Cov-2 virus.

Discamer : We don’t intend to replace an official medical PPE with this device, but in case you have nothing, at least this device can provide an additional layer of protection to your airways.



The  3D Printed Mask is reusable and requires the use of 6 cm diameter HEPA/n95 filter and 2 elastic, the mask should be disinfected after each use and the filter need to be replaced.



We decided to share for files for free so everyone can print, adapt and build they own : 3D printing is helpful and in matter of two hours you can have a simple protection for your or your family.


How to assemble the mask :

  • Print both  mask.stl  and cover.stl file using PLA, PET, or ABS ( 50 % infill, no support), Flexible filaments are preferred
  • place a circular HEPA filter or any N95 Filter that fit ( 6cm diameter ) between the mask (white ) and the cover (black)
  • faster the cover in mask clockwise
  • Add two elastic to connect the mask to your face, make sure there is no space between the mask and your face.
  • Test the mask : make sure that air enter throug the filter. Try to blow in the mask : If air is leaking from the sides , don’t use the mask.


Download the files :

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Disclamer :

We will do not take any responsibility for the use/misuse, use cases, dangers from the manufacturing process, and outcomes of wearing this design (or designs derived from it), in any way, shape, or form; nor do we claim that this project offers medical-grade, or any kind of protection from Covid19.


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  1. Would you be able to share the CAD files for this mask? We’d like to make some changes to allow us to print it faster. Thanks!

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