A robot for your business – CRUZR

CRUZR is an humanoid robot that aim to be useful in office environment like an employee. The robot is equipped with big touch screen, flexible arms capable of handshaking and carry objects, depth camera and wide range of sensors for navigation .


The robot is able to provide different type of cloud connected services :

  • Video conference/telepresence
  • Document delivery
  • Head counts
  • Recognition of employees
  • Big data analysis
  • Presentations
  • Custom API services
  • Security System



CRUZR is able to work for 5-8 hours continiously and find it’s charging dock automatically. The company UBTECH has long experience in the robotic fields with different products like Alpha humanoid robot,   Alpha  mini , Star Wars Stormtrooper Robot, Walker and Lynx


  • OS : Android
  • Networking : WIFI
  • Sensors : Lidar, Depth Camera, HD Camera, 6 Mics Array
  • Movements : 360° Omni wheels, arms and head
  • Weight : 45kg


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