A Robot in the space

CIMON – Crew Interactive Mobile Companion demonstrated a number of ways that a robot in space can be useful to astronauts. The robot successful complete the first “training period” in the International Space Station, now is ready to return with enhanced softwares and hardware as CIMON2.

An  empowered “Alexa”

CIMON is capable to give information and sustain a conversation, it listen for commands like Google or Alexa vocal assistant, but also able to be display particular “space procedures” necessary to astronauts.

The robot has an onboard an “Emotional AI” capable to assert the emotional status of the people around.

With this update, CIMON has transformed from a scientific assistant to an empathetic conversational partner,” IBM representatives wrote in a statement.

The space robot has a spherical body , weighed about 11 lbs. (5 kilograms) and had a simple, cartoony face. It can fly around the ISS by sucking in air and blowing it out strategically via a system of tubes.

“If you go out to the moon or to Mars, you cannot take all mankind and engineers with you, the astronauts will be on their own. But with an artificial intelligence, you have instantly all the knowledge of mankind.” Christian Karrasch, CIMON project leader at DLR


  • OS: Linux running on IBM Watson
  • Camera HD wide angle
  • Microphones : 4 array
  • Battery LIPO
  • Connectivity BT/Wifi
  • Accellerometers and Gyroscope
  • Air-pumps for movements


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