A1 robot dog costs less than 10k

A1 Robot , an agile Robot Dog that costs less than $10k.  The robot is small, compact and fast. Unitree Robotics says the robot’s walking speed is about ten feet per second or seven miles per hour.

Walking isn’t the only thing they can do, either — videos show them performing all kinds of jumps and flips, thanks to flexible joints and a strong motor. Each foot even has sensors that take in information to send to the motor to make movements more efficient.

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The A1 robot dog weighs about 26 pounds, including its battery, and has a battery life of up to two hours. It can also carry up to 11 pounds, with potential as a delivery robot. A smart camera enables real-time video transmission, with many potential private and public uses for the robot.

The robot feature a HD camera, a 3D depth camera, and temperature scanner that can be used for screening patients with COVID-19 symptoms.



Robot Dog “Fighting”

A bit unhappy in the same video we can see two robotic dog robot arguing and “simulating a fighthing” each other..  behaving like real dogs. In the previous experience with Boston Dynamics Spot , we saw that video of robot “fighing”  used in the wrong context ( not in official competition) can appear dangerous to people

Viewer of the video wrote some comments :

Great video ! A bit worried about the final part…. they have an attack mode !


.. Dogfighting? Even if it wasn’t suppose to be real Why would you put fake behavior in the video? If you didn’t stop the “dog” would they have run into each other? Did you program them to run into each other for this video? ..




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