ABii – a robot teacher at home!

ABii robot combine fun with learning to increase the engagement of your kids during lessons. A robot tutor is not something you can see everyday and seem to be successful with kids.  A similar robot is Tega , the robot that teaches at school.

ABii act as one-on-one tutor for students in 1st through 5th grade for Math lessons and 1st-2nd grade Reading lessons.

The robot works in a simple way : its connected to a computer where the task is displayed, it has a speaker and moves and dances depending on the tasks and the answer of your kids. It also collect statistic on the progress and the degree of improvements.

The company Van Robotics state in their website that the robot can bring results up to “20% increase rate of performance and attention”, (but they don’t provide additional information to validate the statistic, like number of tests, age of tester and timespan of the test). 

 Learning with a robot can be more engaging than learning alone

attention increase rate
attention increase rate

The lessons are accessible though the learning portal and its often updated ( Summer 2020) . Each ABii robot costs 599$ and comes with 3 student licences and require internet connection to operate.

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