ALPHRED2 surpass the limits of quadruped robots using a clever design

ALPHRED2 is able to surpass the limits of quadruped robots with it’s clever design. ALPHRED2 can balance on two leg for picking object and keep it’s standing, or switch on three legs configuration and use the forth legs as appendix.


See it in action :

The robot can run on 3 legs, 2 legs, hop, run, roll, and even use it’s limbs for picking up objects or pushing buttons. It is fast (1.5 m/s) and can walk stably on uneven rough terrain.

ALPHRED2 has custom actuators called RoMeLa’s BEAR (Back-drivable Electromechanical Actuator for Robots) that are force controlled.

We appreciate that RoMeLa has produced different creative robots showing unusual design approaches to pratical problems like locomotion.

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