BEST 5 Robot Gift for XMAS 🎅🎄

Xmas time is near and a great choice is to grab a robotic toys before is too late! Robot toys are fun and smart, plus your kids can learn something!

Of course and here we are to help you to choose the best one! Here is the list of the Top 5 Best robots to buy this Christmas🎅!

We are here to help you to find the best robot for your home, for your kids or your partner ! It’s always better to be prepared with the perfect gift, instead of rushing to the last day :).


1th – TOP for the fun,  Boxer Robot!


Boxer Robot is a playful friend and also is an interactive remote control toy robot, it’s packed with lots of fun features and the cutest personality!
It will laughs, shouts, sings, dances, performs stunts and farts… really loudly!

Boxer Robot is similar to Anki Cozmo robot with a more playful and interactive personality!

Games Included:

  • soccer
  • actions
  • bowling
  • go kart


2nd Place : Fun & Smart , Cozmo!


The DDL’s Cozmo robot is fun right out of the box, but that’s just the beginning as the new version Cozmo 2.0 is coming out soon! We recommend Cozmo for a perfect Christmas Gift!


  • Face recognition software allows him to recognise faces and people
  • Controls and camera vision feed though the app
  • Play with you and interact it’s cube toys
  • Explore and learn from it’s surrounding
  • Program it using Code Lab

Buy Cozmo Now


3rd Place : Interesting & smart, ClicBot!


ClicBot robot can be assembled and programmed in different configurations to perform different tasks. the robot works as minimal  as its  “head”  module for face recognition or remote camera and can be expanded to a full functional quadruped robots or a racing car.

Can be found here :


4th Place : modular and easy to code, TacoBot!


Tacobot is the world’s first stackable robot aiming to bring kids an intuitive and interesting way to learn and play. Like the famous LEGO, the  robot’s components motors, head, arms, sensors are “blocks” with different color and different function that can be stacked to make behave the robot in different ways!

The kit include everything you need to start, just stack your component and play!

Buy Tacobot Stackable Coding Robot here!


5th – Build your own,  Tobbie II!


Following the popularity of MoFUN diy kit (aka Tobbie ), Tobbie II bring a great balance between fun and features : a full Micro:Bit processor as brain with a series of sensors like accelerometers, bluetooth connection, programmable LEDs, infrared sensors all packed in a cute robot. Tobbie II can be programmed using the Arduino Idle , Python or the included free mobile app using drag & drop coding blocks !


  • Comes as a assembly Kit with easy instructions for assembly
  • Controls using mobile app
  • Program it using Arduino IDE or Python
  • Explore and learn from it’s surrounding
  • Can move in all directions!

Find it here:


BONUS : Best For Kids games  – PIXI by Clementoni


Pixy is a programmable robot toy by Clementoni ( for kids 8+). The robot has a color screen, that is used to interact and show emotions, also the robot is programmable via the mobile app and it has several games and “cubes” that give direct commands. Its colorful, easy to use , it works offline and has a free mobile app!


  • Pixy has 10 active game modes with special cubes
  • By inserting one of the cubes on his back, you enable games like : line following, sumo, avoid obstacles, escape or follow a prey, dance or strike activity.
  • Control Pixy’s movements in Real Time
  • Take care of Pixy with games
  • learn “bloky” programming
  • Draw in your tablet and your painting will appear in the screen of the robot

Buy Pixy robot by Clementoni here:

Pixy App download here : Amazon Store


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