Biped robot walks just like a human being

Masahiko Yamaguchi  (aka Dr.Guero ) is and excellent programmer and his results applied to the robot KHR-3HV make us astonished!  We can see advancements in balance similar to high end robots like Digit or Atlas :    Dr.Guero algorithms is using AI to make biped robots dancing and walking just like a human being.


KHR-3HV new Walking Algorithm

The robot, a modified Kondo KHR-3HV kit (which sells for around US$1,829) is equipped with a simple gyro and accelerometer sensors that relay data to a controller, The servo motors in this particular model are one of the smallest  in the market.

Smooth Dancing

This incredible video shows turning and dancing steps with incredible precision and keeping the robot balance stable.

Ballet’s rotating technique Piké Turn is used to study the complex movement and balance control of a humanoid robot. It incorporates detailed control such as adjusting the swing of the arm to keep the rotation speed constant


Experiment of knee extension walking

The robot walks using a human like “heel to toe” gait. This is very different from many supposedly advanced robots with their bent knees and flat-footed walk.

Balancing with heavy load

AI Brain Algorithm in action

Demonstration of AI learning to balance the robot


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