BOB the biped robot

BOB the biped robot is the first robot experiment of building a 3D printed biped robot based on arduino board and servo motors.

The creator Kevin Biagini inspired young students and kids to get involved with 3D printing and robotics. But also he inspired the Maker community to create various improved version of the robot like OTTO, ZOWI , JIM , ICBOB, TITO and  from this idea !

BOB the biped robot is  Open Source and the code and the models are public, you can personalize and create your version!


Want build your own?  Here is the part list :

Printed parts:

  • 1 X head
  • 1 X base
  • 2 X bracket
  • 2 X feet


  • 4 X 9g servos
  • micro controller of choice (ardiuno nano fits nice)
  • battery (nimh 9v, lipo, AAAs, whatever you have that works)
  • sr04 or ping
  • 3mm leds

Download the 3D models here : BOB the Biped 

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