Cassie Robot receive a “behaviour engine” upgrade

Cassie robot , Agility Robotics ’s first product build in  2017-2019 , received a emotion upgrade using a “behaviour engine”. This will enhance robot to provide an animated feedback to people around it, a feature that is still missing in their new product Digit .

We use an animation framework to design emotive motions for the virtual robot’s character. A dynamics optimizer is then used to convert the animated motion to dynamically feasible motion. Real-time standing and walking controllers and an automaton are developed to bring the virtual character to life. The “upgrade” is provided by  Zhongyu Li, Christine Cumming and Koushil Srenaath

A Friendly Approach

The benefit of having a screen with eyes and and giving feedback mechanism :  the robot looks friendly and closer to a social robot like Cozmo &  Vector. We can finally remove Cassie robot from the list of the most “scary robot” of the year 🙂

anki vector desk

Can we consider this as Vector big brother ?

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