This robot girl is a physical version of Alita

Jiang Lailai is a humanoid female robot powered by AI.  Many of our readers will notice the resemblance with the cyborg girl Alita from the movie Alita Battle Angel. The robot girl is very popular in the chinese social media with over 1 billion views.


The robot girl build by EX Robots has 16 small motors in her face and additional motors for the body. Jiang Lailai is able to express a variety of emotions and movements and it is remote controlled by a human operator.

This robot has also similar appearance to the famous  Miim cybernetic girl

Jiang Lailai is the tv host in the TV program “Creating the Future with Intelligence”:

From the Movie to our reality : Alita Battle Angel

Alita is sci-fi finctional character, a cyborg.  Her brain is human and she connected to her mechanical and electrical body via neural impulses. She lives in a world filled with human/cyborg hybrids. Because life is so hard down below, many residents augment their bodies to survive using with neurally controlled prosthetic limbs.


Alita’s heart is a miniature reactor that is still far in the future for us, although there are several competing large-scale designs in development for fusion energy. Also we still miss an efficient interface for communication with machines.

Technology to improve people’s life

Today we have examples of additional prospetic tail limbs that increase balance and  robotic exoskeleton. Those prototypes are not for consumers and are not easy to use :

“If you don’t focus in your movements, you’re going to fall over in seconds” prosthetic legs are still an enormous challenge, because they don’t have inherent stability.

We have strong materials and powerful motors for that consumes very little power, robots can jump and run like atletes.

Will be AI the glue to join humans and machines worlds?

DIY prosthetic realised through 3D printing technology and customised AI-driven limbs, science is at the forefront of many life-enhancing innovations.

Mr Mincheng Ni , a double amputee first demonstrated Brain Robotics prosthetic hand at Las Vegas CES 2019. This hand gives him the ability to control each finger through 8 EMG sensors interface with an advanced deep learning technology.

Future Ahead

“Computers started out as these monolithic things that fill rooms, then they were on your desktop, then they were in your pocket,” Aaron Ames, said. “I imagine robots going the other way. They start in your pocket, taking an actuator and putting that in a phone. the smart phone has already has all the processing you need in many respects, and it will grow from there into more elaborate applications.”

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 Is Alita a “Robot” ?

This article received a lot of comments in this article regarding the classification of the term “robot” on Alita. I want to give to you the opportunity to give your opinion using a public pool below.

Pool Results : Alita should be classified as a cyborg and not a robot. 

Is Alita Battle Angel a robot or a cyborg?

Thanks everyone for voting!

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12 Responses

  1. Robot Girl Alita? Wrong.
    Alita is a total replacement cyborg. She has a human mind and is no Robot.

    1. I read the manga “Alita Last Order” and my description still fit , she is a full robot in that manga 🙂

      1. Anybody can say that. Alita is a cyborg. I can say that too. Does that make me a robot? NO. Alita is human and she sympathizes with Zalemites because many Zalemites are insecure because their brains are removed and replaced with a bio chip.
        Alita is HUMAN. She is not a “full robot in the manga” she is a full cyborg, a human.

        1. Hi Brit, Yes she is originally an human brain but her brain get replaced by Dr.Nova by a chip ( in Alita Last Order manga) . Doesn’t matter if has a brain or a chip, she is still our Alita 🙂
          Alita Brain Chip Implant

  2. Alita is a CYBORG!!!! Why can’t people get this right!?! It’s literally so obvious and is constantly thrown in your face throughout the movie! Even the manga, the manga LITERALLY has a picture showing Alita’s HUMAN ORGANIC BRAIN.

    If you can’t get simple facts correct about a movie then don’t write about it.

    There is a MASSIVE difference between a robot and a cyborg, Alita is not a machine, she is HUMAN.

    A 1 second google search would tell you this.

  3. 1. The cyborg is by definition either a replica of a living creature using robotics, or a living creature enhanced or modified via addition of robotic or electronic components. As such, the term can be used to describe a very specific group of robots, but cannot be used as a synonym
    2. Before Nova’s intervention Alita is a pure by-the-book cyborg, there is nothing to argue about.
    3. The interesting part comes afterwards. Firstly, while on a glance you might consider whether post-replacement Alita is a machine or a human, the definition of a cyborg still fits her. Considering her ability to not only express emotions, self-learn, etc., it is already hard to consider her to be non-human already, but the later development of events on a more spiritual level without a doubt establishes her to have a soul, removing any possibility of considering her to be a robot, which is by definition a programmable machine and nothing more.

  4. Must activate post by saying that I’m not a robot LOL. Alita is a cyborg in the first story, so telling the world that she has a brain chip in Last Order is kind of major spoiler material.

    1. I was expecting that the fans to know about the Alita story from the manga (its more than 10 years old manga) and not with knowledge limited to the first movie. I would not consider it a major spoiler as it something from 2001.

      1. The Alita Army has grown quite a bit since the movie came out, and many of the noobs haven’t read the original manga, let alone Last Order or Mars Chronicle. At any rate, Alita isn’t a robot in LO either. Per definition, she would be a gynoid. Artificial female made with robotics.

  5. Alita is a cyborg. Even if we have our own standards for what qualifies a cyborg, the creators of the movie (and James Cameron) have described Alita as being the opposite of a machine appearing human – she is a human appearing as a machine.

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