Cubee – A baby robot that dance, tell stories and play

Cubee  is a cute baby robot that dance, tell stories and play music! You can move it around  with the remote and change it’s expression. Differently to more more expensive and complex robot ( similar to  Boxer Robot and Aniki Vector)  Cubee doesn’t interact when not utilized but more oriented to a kid toys than a robot.

The design is inspired from DIY robots like Otto DIY, Tito, JIM  and ZOWI but it’s easy to use and require no coding or assembly!

Features :

  • it’s very cute and very expressive with it’s movement!
  • it has a smartphone app where you can choose different games, play music and control it
  • you can use it as a portable ( dancing ) speaker


You can buy Cubee Robot  here from our sponsored link or  from Aliexpress


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