DAX – semi autonomous robot helping for deliveries

DAX robot want to address the expensive “last mile” between distributors and consumers.  As delivery times drop to hours, or even minutes, last-mile solutions have become a critical focus for Amazon and Yandex , along with grocery and food delivery companies .


The robot can deliver food, groceries, flowers, prescritions, inter-office mail, and most other things that can fit in his 0.5 cubic meter internal compartment

Vehicle vs Pedestrian problem

As common problem for delivery robot is their position on the street, In this case is well specified : Dax is considered a pedestrian when he is out doing delivery. He uses sidewalks and crosswalks. Dax has an anti-collision system built in, and he will move over to make way for wheelchairs and strollers.

dax-robot- La Rockita - delivery
dax-robot- La Rockita – delivery


Dax has a cruising speed of 7km per hour, and a turbo boost that can be used for crossing streets. He also has a built-in emergency stop in case he needs to be reigned in. Dax can maneuver in both snow and rain, as well as temps as low as -20C and up to 40C.

Onboard a GPS system, Network communication and series of camera for visual calculation and stream video to human operators.


Dax runs on a ROS-like system called DaxOS. build Node using certain features like multi-chip voting and a centralized datastore. DaxOS also allows us to bake safety-related code into the master and not rely on a node, which could otherwise die while the master is left running.


Saving Costs


Dax can be leased at around 2k/month by a restaurants or other merchants.  More information in the DAX official website

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  1. It would never work in the United States. The reason is there are people that live here and would like to see nothing but this robot in pieces or even worse, Someone would try to steal it. Besides, just watching it, I don’t think that it would be feasible at all. Too slow for one. load would have to be really light. Battery wouldn’t last long enough. Also, if you have to have someone with it, what’s the point? Just have them deliver whatever it is. I’m just sayin’.

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