Dishwashing Robot for Restaurants

A startup called Dishcraft Robotics want improve the restaurant’s kitchens with a robot dishwashers. The new robot is designed to reduce the time and energy that humans spend washing plates by using automatic robots and cameras to make sure dishes are cleaned faster and cheaper than a typical human.

Dishcraft’s robotic system want to give to restaurants a more sustainable and higher level of hygiene.

The new system use four main components: a dish drop, robotic dishwasher, rolling racks, and a sanitizing machine. Dishes are pre-sorted and stacked in carts by humans. The cart is then wheeled into the Dishcraft system, a robot arm then uses vacuum robot hand to pick up a dirty dish and places it in a washer.

After the dish is cleaned with special scrubbers, it’s rotated and examined for cleanliness using computer vision and machine learning algorithms.

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