DJI is building “government” flying robotic drones with enhanced features

DJI is building “government” flying robotic drones with enhanced features. Government agencies use drones for some of their most important work like security, data gathering in dangerous situation.  Information collection require enhanced security requirements and powerful hardware. DJI wish to meet those needs with the new DJI Government Edition hardware and software solution, exclusively for government agencies.

The new type of “robot” drone has enhanced features not available on consumer drones

  1. Can fly offline
  2. no fly-zone limitation.
  3. way-point autonomous navigation
  4. enhanced IT security
  5. customised firmware to meet government needs
  6. Additional tools ( IR Scanner, Double Cameras, Etc)


DJI Government Edition  will offer most advanced security measures, ensuring governments can perform their essential drone work confidently and securely. To learn more about DJI Government Edition, visit Official DJI Government Website


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