DJI Robomaster EP Core strip down the cannon for upgrades

DJI Robomaster EP Core is the new DJI “robotic product” based on the stripped down version of the Robomaster S1 . The last one was more of a “fighting & fun” robot, EP Core is now targeting students and robotic enthusiasts.

Robomaster EP Core come in kits that require assembly, this time the “S1 cannon” is replaced with a robotic arm add-on. The kit include a base, four wheels, robot arm,  camera, external ports to connect sensors, battery and WiFi antennas.

External Upgrades

The peculiarity of the robot is its compatibility with 3rd party hardware like Arduino, RaspberryPI , NVidia Jetson and Micro:Bit.  The hardware can be connected using the serial ports in the robot’s motherboard, also individual external sensors can be directly connected.

DJI SDK is avaiable on EP Core and can support 39 ports for programmable external sensors.   



The robot can be pre-ordered by the  DJI store . Meanwhile you can always buy the Robomaster S1 on Amazon and add your own “mods” and upgrades 🙂

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