DJI Robomaster Prototype and the reaction from the Open-Source Community

In the RoboMasters competition, contestants utilise their technical skills and strategic thinking to build intelligent robots to fight and win the games. DJI invented a good way of helping students to explore their potential in technical disciplines. DJI believes that RoboMasters can one day be as popular as NBA and that the winners will equally be seen as superstars.

Early Stages:


After the release of the DJI’s Ronin, a number of owners have made open-source “RC dollies” : a camera equipped tank that held a gimbal. Due to the weight of the gimbal , the natural solution is to use wheeled vehicles as assistants for cinematic recording.


DJI saw the opportunity and started consider the “land” market:

In the RoboMasters competition, contestants utilize their technical skills and strategic thinking to build intelligent robots to fight and win the games.

The CEO Frank Wang continue his work directed at increasing students’ interest in engineering and adding a creative spark to their thinking by inviting them to join the RoboMasters competition. Frank believes that RoboMasters competition can be as popular as Olympic sports.



The RoboMaster is a car/rover which is an RC ground vehicle which likely has some autonomous capability, given the open source community in Arducopter for example, supports rover and multicopter configurations in the same flight controller, it’s probably no surprise that DJI would consider this market too.


OpenSource community react fast:

Given the high price and the limited availability of the product , the open source community reinvented their “wheels”.

The same scenario occurred with the Boston Dynamic’s Spot Mini and it’s opensource version  SpotMicro.

Poor Man’s DJI RoboMaster V1 from Canino’s

“600$ ?!?! DJI made a nice machine, but isn’t the first with mecanum wheels and so aint’ i. ”

Download the files here on Thingiverse 

MINI OMNIWHEEL TRAK (Poor Man’s DJI RoboMaster V2) :

Download the files here :


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