Dobi super robot

Dobi Robot is a humanoid shaped robot capable of (incredible and non-human) movements, it listen to your voice and recognize you, also it’s sturdy and able to withstand fall and hours of stressful playing.. At this point we must understand if this 🤖 thing is evil or not !

“Run human, Run!”

If you looking for an entrateinment robot look no further : Dobi is a skilled dancer.  it’s has a voice controlled funcionality (that does’t work when it’s dancing due to the music) and it has a mobile app where you can customize it’s settings ( especially useful to change red color on it’s eyes)

To my eyes it has a great purpose: if you are business owner and want to attract people just make it dance  !

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Also don’t forget to check the Cubee robot review here ( the poor thing is kicked away in the video) or for more dangerous robots check Segway Loomo

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Dobi dancer robot
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