Explore at ease with this 3D printed Rover

This 3D Printed Rover inspired by NASA’s explorers is a clever DIY design. The creator Jakob Krantz decided that best way to test his rover robot was to let it explore rough terrain like a beach. The robot seem to be more than up to the task powering through wildly uneven terrain with little difficulty.

The Rover Community

The robot derived from the project of Roger Cheng ‘s Sawppy . The open-source community gained benefits from its design (like the 3D printed wheels) and knowledge, that could be applicable to any number of other projects ( project page below) 🙂



  • Six indipendend wheel with one 360° servos
  • optional Microsoft Kinect camera / deepth camera
  • 6 channels RC controller

Project Pages



Code and STL Files:


Wheels  https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2776694

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