Few days more to grab Petoi Bittle

Let’s see latest update of the KickStarter campaign of Petoi Bittle , the robotic dog kit that fit in your hand! The initial goal of €42,802 was over surpassed with €326,045 and there is 14 more days to go where you can grab your robot dog kit at the equivalent of €200.

Bittle is an open platform to fuse multiple makers’ gadgets into one organic system. With our customized Arduino board coordinating all instinctive and sophisticated movements, you can clip on various sensors to bring in perception. You could also inject artificial intelligence capabilities by mounting a Raspberry Pi or other AI chips through wired/wireless connections.

Stretched Goal

Free upgrades from the stretched goal:  x1 Grove OLED Module Display is a gift after the reaching of $200K goal. , x1 silicone tail and x5 silicon paws added to the basic kit ( one is for replacement).


Q&A with Dr. Rongzhong Li (Rz) from Petoi Team

Q: What is the current status?

A: We have made the payment for 5000 battery packs, and 4000 sets of the plastic body frames. The mold for the silicone toe is in production. We are going to order 200 pieces of NyBoard V1 to validate the production process and quality. We got a new set of servo samples. It uses a larger motor so the servo will be taller. The force and life span will also be improved. We hope to finalize all the designs when the campaign ends and kickoff major production when the funds arrive.


Q:Where this great success come from?

A: I showed Bittle to random people when designing it and made several modifications, such as making it more polished and changing the wolf head to a dog head. I was still worried before presenting Bittle to the public. I can only guess, maybe it was the dog head, its tiny shape, or it’s agile movements that get people.

Q: Future Projects?

A: I always want to continue the model of the original OpenCat. It’s so complicated that my current work is all preparing for it. With Nybble, I got a customized PCB and the initial funds to support myself. With Bittle, I got ODM servos, batteries, and sensors. Most importantly, I’m getting the experience of project management and making connections with the supplychain. My next model will be a 12DoF leg robot. I made the prototype two years ago, but making a product can be 10 times harder.

Thank you!  Find here the Petoi Bittle Kickstarter Campaign!

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