Gym workout with a Robot – Digit

Digit Robot : the future where human and robots will stand alongside is finally near .  Agility Robotics build its tele-presence and remote controlled robot similar to Boston Dynamics’s Atlas but with a more “friendly” appearance.

The robot is capable to stand and move on its own depending on the commands given by the operator. It has two arms capable to carry weights up to 18kg. Digit can climb stairs and walk to a selected points avoid obstacles , it can be controlled through an API that can be accessed both onboard the robot and via a wireless link.

On Board:

  • Upper torso with integrated sensing, computing CPU, and two 4-DOF arms.

  • 2-DOF feet for improved balance and stability on a wide variety of surfaces.

  • Sealed joints for all-weather outdoor operation.

  • UN 38.3 certified battery for cargo air shipment.

  • Comprehensive software API – leverage our controls and vision algorithms to develop end-user applications, or use Digit as a development platform and write your own low-level code.

Digit as Delivery Robot with Ford 

Digit is strong enough to pick up and stack boxes weighing up to 40 lb (18 kg), as well as durable enough to catch itself during a fall using its arms to decelerate.

Digit’s torso houses two multi-core CPUs, and a modular payload bay allows a third computer – in a variety of possible form factors – to support additional perception and reinforcement AI learning capabilities.

Out-of-the-box, Digit can be setup and walking within five minutes.  the company said in a statement.

Digit is available for pre-order now, with deliveries beginning Q1 2020 [ source ].

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