EVEr3 “VR Controlled” Robot

Haolodi Robotics EVEr3: The Norwegian company want to enable human work, exploration, or travelling through robotic avatars.

Vision :

Produce a robotic platform capable of transferring the sense of self from your current location to anywhere in the world in an instant using robots are medium by 2022.

EVEr3 is one of the most advanced VR Controlled robot in the market, that can be compared to Atlas , Digit or Telexistence 02. Its appearance is somehow similar to Pepper Robot and XR-1 robotic girl.

In a video where EVEr3 act as assistant for a elderly person to simulate a user case scenario : the robot ( remote controlled by an operator ) is transporting luggage, open doors , pick water bottles from fridge and assist the walking of the elderly person.


  • Human sized
  •  23 DOF
  •  Native compliance
  •  8kg playload per arm
  •  Force and impedance control on all joints
  •  Optional deep learning compute add-on

The robot feature elastic joints, not classic rigid ones, that enable a degree of flexibility in the movement. The strength, weight and height of the robot has been careful selected to be comparable with an average size human , useful to use tools or system for humans only ( like metro, bus, vehicles, entrances, etc) .

It’s also possible to simulate and virtually train the robot using a  Unity3D simulator.

[Source : Official Website EVER3]


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