How to build a simple robot with Arduino and 3D printer

How to build  a robot in 5 simple steps : Creating a robot and make a robotic machine perform what you want is easy and fun! Most of the people want to see a robot perform the simple tasks like moving around or respond to simple commands . You can make a robot completely from simple DIY components or buy a DIY starter kit from scratch!

STEM technique

Building your own robot is a great way to teach yourself both electronics as well as computer programming and its recommended for kids to improve their problem solving techniques .  Stem Toys are Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math based toys geared towards learning, curiosity, and education.

How much DIY robot costs ?

Cost depends on the complexity of the robot, hobby robot can be expensive as 30$ to 100$.  New industrial robotics can cost from $50,000 to $80,000. Once application-specific peripherals are added, the robot system costs anywhere from $100,000 to $150,000


Step 1  –  Choose the task that your robot should perform:

If you robot should move around then you will need several motors and wheels, a controller for motors and a microcontroller as brain. A battery and distance sensors is the basic for this kind of robot.

Here is some examples :

Simple Obstacle Avoiding-Robot using Arduino Nano and-Ultrasonic-Sensor:

Circuit-Diagram-for-Obstacle Avoiding-Robot-using-Arduino-and-Ultrasonic-Sensor
Circuit-Diagram-for-Obstacle Avoiding-Robot-using-Arduino-and-Ultrasonic-Sensor


Find the Code here : 2wd_Obstacle-Avoiding-Robot


Advanced – Bluetooth Controlled Card using Arduino  and Ultrasonic Sensor


Find the code here : ArduBlueBot v.1

Step 2 – Gather components


The list of components for a generic robotic project includes the following:

  • Arduino Uno R3/Mega/Nano
  • Ultrasonic Range Finder Sensor – HC – SR04
  • Motor Driver IC – L293D
  • Servo Motor (Tower Pro SG90)
  • Plexiglass/ Plastic / Wood Body
  • Wheels
  • Power Supply / Battery

Can’t find some parts? Buy a robotic kits !

Step 3 – Assemble your Robot

Step 4 – Setup your computer and coding

1. Install Arduino IDE

2. Install dependance libraries

3. Plug-in Arduino in your Computer

4. Download & Install Arduino Driver ( if you using CH4030 drivers, download  from here )

5. Select Tools  > Board > Arduino

7. Select Tools > Port > and check that a new port will appear when pluggin your Arduino to your PC

6. Verify that you can upload code


Step 5 – Code your robot

Well done you are now able to code your robot !

Upload this code into Arduino


Bonus – 3D print your robot enclosure !


TinkerCAD  is like “Minecraft” for modelling :  Tinkercad is easy to use, simple and allows working with STLs directly ( for 3D printing). The software run online with your personal account in the “cloud”. We recommend this for youngers who want to build and print their creations!

Looking for a good 3D printed? Check those models:


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