How to build your robot? Start with KittenBot robotic kit

Building your robot is difficult? Not at all ! Check out this easy-to-build robotic kit from KittenBot inspired to the OTTODIY opensource project!

You will build your KittenBot-Otto and its personality :  learn the logical connection between code and action, and by assembling to understand how its components works.


  • 8x servo motors that controls each joint
  • Support graphical programming and mobile app
  • Using the expansion board you can expand and modify the robot
  • design and source code, everything open-source!

Code and Design to 3dprint — download here :  Wikifactory on Microbit-biped OTTO

The kit uses the popular micro:bit , depending on the skills can be ready in 30 minutes and require no soldering!


You can buy KittenBot-OTTO-robotic-kit here!

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•About Me: Hi, my name is Marco, I'm a tech enthusiasts and Software Developer . Robots have been my passion since I was a child! •PersonalRobots Mission : We will guide you in choosing the perfect domestic robot, check our robot reviews! Learn with us how to build your robot and check our opensource robotic project :)

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