Hungry Bunnies – two robot rabbit toys your kids will love!

The two Hungry Bunnies Chewy and Shreddy are the two robot rabbits robot star Toy Fair 2019 from Zoomer

Similar to the Zoomer Dog and Zoomer monkey robot toys they’re cute and with their own personality!


  • ROBOT BUNNY: Adopt an interactive robotic bunny who really eats! Hold a paper treat up to your hungry bunny’s mouth, and they’ll nibble it up! Then lift your rabbit up to see colorful confetti poop!
  • RESPONDS TO SOUND & TOUCH: Hungry Bunnies love to sing & play musical games! Pat them on the forehead or tummy to hear different magical sounds, or tickle their stomach to hear cute bunny giggles!
  • FEED YOUR BUNNY SNACKS: Feed your robot bunny over 80 included paper snacks. From carrots to cupcakes, there are tons of yummy treats to give your bunny! Then make your own using the treat tracer!
  • FUN & INTERACTIVE: From their floppy ears to their fuzzy little tails, these colorful bunnies make adorable pets that sing, laugh & really eat! Bring home your own Hungry Bunny for interactive fun!
  • TOP WISH LIST GIFT: Chewy makes an excellent gift for boys & girls age 5 & up. Includes 4 Snack Sheets, a Treat Tracer, a Snack Basket & Instruction Booklet. 3 AA batteries required (not included)

“Feed them 80+ included paper snacks, or trace your own treats onto paper with the treat tracer and keep all their tasty snacks in the picnic basket! When they’re done eating, Hungry Bunnies love to play their music and tickle games! Pet their soft ears and tickle your bunny’s belly to hear adorable giggles. They’ll also make the cutest sounds when you press their nose or pat their head. Continue to feed your Hungry Bunnies until they’ll full and they’ll poop a colorful confetti surprise!”



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