Inspire kids and young students to learn robotics : battlebot arduino robot kit !

With the era of digital technology it’s more difficult to inspire kids and young students to learn robotics and electronic, till today:  battlebot robotic kit and robot battles are on the rise into the school, on the street, and on youtube !

The battlebot arduino kit is essentially a remote controlled car with sensors, with a spice of coding and simply customization like armor, arms, catapults.  Everything in order to beat the robots of your friends  ( somehow it reminds me of Pokèmon 😀  )!

Our Suggestion : buy this arduino robotic kits and add your own customization


The barebone setup include :

  • Arduino Uno
  • Jumper cables
  • Motor Shields
  • Variety of  simple dc motors
  • batteries
  • catapults/arms/rockets all customization you want!
battlebot-schematics / barebone setup to start
battlebot-schematics / barebone setup to start
battlebots robot kit
battlebots robot kit from Misty Lackie

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