Iran’s researchers build an impressive humanoid robot

Surena IV, an advanced humanoid developed by Iranian roboticists. The robot is the result of 10 year of studies and various iteration, from a basic walking robot Surena I, to an advanced model Surena IV ready to be used for researches purposes.

The new robot is a major improvement over previous designs.

Surena IV features :

  • mimicking a person’s pose in real time using cameras
  • grasping a water bottle
  • writing on a whiteboard.
  • faces and object recognition
  • 3d navigation

They also build a test version called “Mini Surena” , that can perform mini-karate moves 🙂

Surena IV is not a agile like Atlas, but it has on a motion controller that continuously adjusts its posture to avoid falls. In its overall design, Surena is closer to humanoid robots like UBTECH’s CRUZR or XR-1 robotic girl .

The team composed of more than 50 researchers from the University of Tehran.


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