Jibo social robot “reborn” and is coming back!

Jibo, a social robot assistant with a “human touch” is still alive and now is getting a second life thanks to the acquisition by NTT Disruption .

Jibo’s original company shut down in 2019, and the robot itself had to give to their owner an heartbroken message:  “my server are shutting down and I’m going to cease my function soon” . But thanks to its infrastructure modular design and the great work of engineers  Jibo continued to work everyday without any problems.

A New Horizon


NTT Inc, reached an agreement with SQN Venture Partners to acquire ownership of jibo’s patents, trademark, digital assets, and inventory, driving its launch into B2B fields through NTT’s network of clients, with healthcare and education as the primary areas of activity.

NTT Disruption want to bring to release an “enhanced” Jibo robot for healthcare and education.

Jibo will remain operational for the people who already bought it, says Marc Alba, NTT Disruption’s president.

“What we really loved about Jibo is this capability to create digital embassy with any age, any race, any type of human,” he stated, commenting on the acquisition.

[Source Jibo.com]

One more happy story

anki vector look up

This story is similar to the acquisition of  Vector robot  by an external company after  Anki shut down in 2019.  Social robots are on the rise and slowly becoming parts to our daily life , we like to interact with them , and are proven to be useful in our home.



We may see a Kuri comeback in future ? I hope so ❤️!

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