JIMU “digital” blocks – a multi purpose robotics kit

JIMU Robotic kit  empowers teenagers to create and program their own robots. Similar to the Xiaomi MITU DIY kit  this kits is perfect for creative kids that are looking for more interactive toys : JIMU can be re-invented a different “animal” shapes  everytime you play!

UBTECH’s JIMU kit is available in two version : Explorer “basic” expertise (300+ parts, 7 servos ) and Inventor “advanced” (600+ pieces, 16 servos)


  • Digital building guide how to assemble different robots
  • The high-torque servos
  • App connection
  • Programmable
  • “Lego” blocks to snap easily, no solder required
  • Open Source platform
  • Safe materials for kids
  • Durable



Buy your JIMU robotic kit here 🙂 !

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