LEONARDO is a flying biped robot

LEONARDO  is flying bipedal robot that uses synchronised control of drone-like propellers and legged joints. You can think of as “basic version” of Atlas with propellers .

This lightweight walking robot it’s closer to a a drone than a typical bipedal bot — because it’s literally got a set of drone propellers instead of arms.

Caltech’s LEONARDO  is flying bipedal robot Website

Space Explorers

  • The idea is to enhance the robot mobility and teaming to navigate unknown and complex terrestrial environments.
  • Surviving and operating remotely on land, in water, and in space


We saw a similar approach with RoMeLa‘s balloon robot Ballu:

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It might look like a helium-filled balloon on legs, but the idea is to make a robot walk as naturally a human. And looks like it can!

Using  thrusters might eventually help it do a complex actions like jumping — perhaps even on Mars.

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