LG CLOi robots will be working together to improve our life

 LG is pointing full ahead to the “robotic era” with CLOi suite composed of 12 different robots that will work together to improve our life. During the LG Keynote 2019 the company presented 8 robotic assistant for home/business and 4 robotic arms for industrial and work related purpose.

The main star standing in the stage  CLOi GuideBot !

LG CLOi Home


A vocal assistant similar to Jibo capable of recognise people and interact with other smart devices for home

  • Use your voice to manage
    your household
  • Check and maintain your schedule
  • Stream music with your voice
  • Control your home remotely
    (home security feature)

LG CLOi Guidebot


A business AI solution can be programmed to perform taks like help desk and reservations

  • Listens and responds to questions
  • Navigates and escorts to destination
  • Provides multilingual support

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LG CLOi Servebot


Similar to the Guidebot but equipped with a storage room

  • At your (room) service
  • Takes orders and makes deliveries

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LG CLOi PorterBot


Similar to Guidebot but equipped with strong motors capable of heavvy payloads

  • Carries bags and guides travelers
  • Facilitates check-ins

LG CLOi CleanBot


Cleaning robot, it’s equipped with enhanced sensors and a futuristic look 🙂

  • Distinguishes between people and objects
  • Auto-detects dirty floors

LG CLOi CartBot


Tired of carring your cart during shopping? The solution is finally here!

  • Locates objects with voice recognition
  • Speeds up self-checkout
  • Gives directions based on shopping lists


What you think? It’s the “robot era” finally here? Let us know in the comments!  🙂

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