Miim – Cybernetic girl

Miim, official name HRP-4C ( 2010) by AIST , is a female robot with appearance similar to the famous Alita cyborg. The robot excel for a smooth walking cycle and auto-balancing capabilities.

AIST researchers have been working hard to create the “perfect” walking robot and to design walking technologies that can make their robots most closely resemble the way humans walk.

  • The robot measures 158 centimetres tall and weighs 43 kilos  including the battery pack, it has a realistic head and face, and the figure of an average young Japanese female.
  • It can move like a human, utilising 30 body motors and another eight dedicated to facial expressions and respond to speech using speech recognition software, and is capable of recognising ambient sounds.


Dancing and Performances

Miim can sing, using the vocal synthesizer “Vocaloid” and can mimic the movements of a human operator to perform complex movements.

It can walk, dance and talk and its moving capability can be compared to modern robots like Atlas (2013) and Digit (2019) robots.



The software is based on Open Robotics Platform (OpenRTP), including OpenRTM-aist and OpenHRP3.

Applications for the HRP-4C may include the entertainment industry, help-desks, and shop assistance.

[Source : AIST]

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