Mira the robot waits for you to smile

Mira is an adorable animated robot created by artist Alonso Martinez.  He designed and engineered his family of robots, using 3D printing, mold-making, and silicone casting.

Mira is build in fine details, and it’s movement are smooth and espressive ( thanks to the great Alonso’s animator skills ). So simple a design but also so effective, the robot reminds of those Japanese anime creatures.


The Open-Source version is here :


Inspired to Mira robot,  the maker Pohukai built an opensource version Pia the robot : build with two concentric shells with 3 servos to control x, y and z axis.  The robot runs on a raspberry pi 3 , a pi camera and a PWM board. Internal 3D parts are held in place without screws but with strong magnets.

Link :

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