Misty II is a “moddable” robot

Purpose-built for developers, Misty II, is a robot similar to a modern Tomy Ominibot . It has the tools and docs that helps you to modify it and change it’s internal components.

The remote controller is not necessary : you can write the brain “AI” of this robot as “skill” using JavaScript and Python language.


  • Third-party APIs integrations,
  • hardware modifications are explained with tutorials
  • Code Repository on GitHub with samples and documentation
  • True AI based on Cloud engines
  • a wide range of sensors like deep camera, touch sensors, ultrasonic sensors and much more!


Fun fact : We don’t know where is Misty I!

I have a clue  🙂 :

emilio robot
emilio robot

You can pre-order Misty II in the  MistyRobotic website, or  for more “moddable” robots check our opensource collection

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