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Moxie robot is an interactive “social robot” from the US based company Embodied . Moxi interacts with kids via play-based learning and mission to promote social, emotional, and cognitive learning.

The robot looks cute and capable interact via speech, the catchy feature is the round “projection screen”, basically a opaque panel where is projected the face of the robot, and the fluid arm body/arm animations. An HD camera for is on top of the head, for face recognition features.

How Robots Help with Learning

 Embodied :  we want to help kids become more socially confident and curious individuals by using advanced technology like robots to help propel their potential. Engagement with a companion like Moxie provides an advantage in learning social, emotional, and cognitive skills by creating a unique and personalized learning experience for each child.

Moxi’s idea is not new :  it was explored from previous  generation of “teaching robot” like MIT Tega robot, those robot were found to improve slightly the attention level of the kids while compared with normal teaching methods. Source :  Moxi results here


QA With Paolo Pirjanian  — CEO of Embodied

1) I know the product will be launched firstin the US . Moxi robot will be launched in Europe? If yes, when?

Paolo: We are currently focusin to the US Market, once we are ready we will announce the Europe launch.

2) Great work with animation, how did you achieved this level of fluiditivity , and its fast response in its speach ? —

Paolo: We are lucky to have  a skilled team of animators with great experience in videogames

3) Is the speech syntetizer online or offline?

Paolo : The speach syntetizer works on the Cloud, its a custom made by our team.

4) what is the light bar in the body in the center?

Paolo  : Good question, the coloured bar in the body of Moxi tells whenever the robot is speaking , and can be used for debug errors

5) what are the sensors in the body of the robot– aside from camera?

Paolo : Moxi has microphone, hug sensors, touch sensor in its hands.

6) Do you plan to release SDK for the robot? Is Product for kids only or it can be adapted for other purposes aside from teaching ?

Paolo : Currently we don’t have a plan for SDK for developers , We have great care about our content and our software. We have several partnership for content that runs on Moxi Robot , and that should be authorized and verified.
7) Is the projection screen “touch” capable?

Paolo : No, the robot face is not touchscreen.

8) What is the board inside the robot?

Paolo : I can only says that Moxi has several microcontroller boards inside.


Will this new robot be able to meet the expectation and breach in heart of the kids?

Moxie robot interaction with kids

The robot comes with a price o 1.499$ in  pre-order, with a free one year online features (save 840$), available on late 2020 .

Meanwhile .. why not learn and build your own robot?

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