Nestlings vs Hatchimals robotic toys!

Nestlings vs Hatchimals ! Those  soft and interactive robot toy are an interesting gift for kids but which one to buy? let’s find out!

Nestling and the babies

Take care of your Nestling and once its ready it will release small fur baby nestlings for you to play!

How do Nestlings Work?

You need to give Nestlings lots of love and attention for them to respond. They love to sing. Press her head and listen to the music game.

  • Nestlings cannot deliver their babies without their special nest, place her back on to her nest and wait for her to introduce her baby to the world
  • Mom Nestling will interact with her babies. Hold them to her nose and she will blow kisses to them and tell then she loves them.

Where to buy :

Hachimals WOW :

This Hatchimal grows 2.5 feet tall and has over 250 sounds and interactions that it can do. You can play with it over and over again or storing it back into its egg.

How Hachimals WOW works?

The excitement of the Hatchimals Wow starts by hatching the egg, you can play with itbefore it hatches! So a key part of knowing how the Hatchimals WOW works is learning how to play with it as an egg.

  • The eye colour inside the egg lets you know how to play with the egg. When the egg is quiet you can tap on the egg. The egg will tap back and flash with yellow eyes. If you tap too much the egg will get upset and let you know with red eyes. If you tilt the egg and hold it still it will be comforted and it’s eyes will return to yellow
  • Tilt the egg backwards and up again to play with it. It will show yellow eyes. If you tilt it too much it will get dizzy and have green eyes. You can hold it upright again to calm it down, it will show yellow eyes again.
  • You can tilt the egg and hold it there to cuddle it – it will show pink eyes. If you keep it tilted for more than 30 seconds it will fall asleep and show white eyes.
  • If you hold the egg upright it will get cold (blue eyes) or get the hiccups (orange eyes). Tilt and hold to warm your egg up (yellow eyes) or tap on the egg to scare the hiccups away (yellow eyes).

How to hatch the  Hachimals WOW:

When your Hatchimals Wow is ready to hatch it will show rainbow eyes and play a special music. Usually it takes 10 minutes or so. Remember to remove the ribbon from around the egg before it hatches.

  • hold the egg upright it will hatch, tilt it to pause the hatch. The pet is ready egg with a “Tada” and plays happy birthday music. When the music is done you can remove the Hatchimals Wow from it’s base.

How to play with the Hatchimals Wow

  • Touch it’s tummy
  • try it’s forehead
  • also Touch the back of it’s head
  • Pick it up
  • Touch it’s right toe
  • Touch it’s left toe
  • Tilt and hold it
  • Make a loud noise
  • Chase it to the top with it’s fruit when feeding
  • Tickle it’s tummy
  • Touch one of it’s toes three times to make the Hatchimals Wow sink down. Tap one of the toes again to make it start growing again.
  • Hypnotise it by holding the back of it’s head and forehead at the same time, the eyes will turn pink.

Where to Buy :

Hatchimals vs Nestlings  — Which one is better?

  • Choose Hachimals  if you want hatch your toy from the egg !
  • Choose Nestlings if you prefer to take care of a cute mom and her babies!


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