New robot toys on Amazon right now – March 2020

New products and robots on Amazon right now ! With our experience we will help you to find the best robot for you and your kids. We know , not all toys are the same : some gives sparks and inspiration to kids 🙂

Evolution Robot Kit by Clementoni


Clementoni presents us with the Evolution Robot Kit. The robot kit is wonderful for all who like to program. This revolutionary robot can be programmed with either a Bluetooth controlled free app (available on Apple and Android smartphones and tablets) or can be programmed manually with the keyboard located on the back of the unique toy.

Pro : Price ( less than 100$) , Easy Manual Instructions, Big Robot!

Cons : Include Small parts, require 8x AA batteries

Age suggestion : 6 years+

Find it on Amazon:

Robo Wunderkind  Robotics Kit


Robo Wunderkind is a new robots on amazon, designed for kids aged 5-10 to turn complex technologies into a simple and fun game. Snap the modules together, build and rebuild – there is no wrong way to play! Use LEGO connectors to customise your very own build. Using the App ( available on iOS and Android) it can be programmed easily and have additional fun with the included games.

Pros : LEGO compatible, different blocks means you can create your own creation

Cons : Price

Age suggestion  : 5+

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Dance Smart RC Robot


Dance Smart RC Robot moves to the rhythm in a cute way. The motor extends each joint to a 360 degree movement, allowing him to express different movements depending on the music. You can play audio from any app on your device from the robot like a Bluetooth Speaker, whether it’s your favorite music, audiobook or voicemail.

Pros : bluetooth speaker, mobile app, cool dancing functionality

Cons  : it can fall and break during performances

Age suggestion : 4+

Find it here on Amazon : 

Drawing Educational Toys AI Painting Robot 

Designed for kids Learning drawing, counting & spelling.  This robot is an artist! It has an eye camera that recognise different cards  via QR Code and once its ready it starts to draw shapes and picture together with you.

Pros : Drawing capability , nice design, cards and charging cable are included.

Cons : cards are required

Age suggestion : 5+


Find it here on Amazon:

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