New robots of CES 2020

There is a boiling of tech and innovation CES 2020. Here is the highlights of the first day of the Las Vegas’s conference

Lovot plushie robot is real

A “plushie robot” that make its appearance at CES 2017 as GrooveX , Lovot robot is complete and at ready to be sold to the consumers. The robot will run around your house autonomous,  dance, ask be picked up, or otherwise interact with its owners (or other Lovots)

Equipped with a 360 degree camera its able to follow you around and ask for cuddling.

Users can remotely direct Lovot to snap a picture of any accessible room via the app. The robot is available in Japan for around 2.777$  plus a monthly subscription ( around 100$) for cloud service like backup and additional features.


Reachy  OpenSource humanoid robot from Pollen Robotics


Meet Reachy, the new robot made by pollen robotics to explore interactive applications in the real world. A unique open prototyping platform
Reachy makes AI & robotics accessible to researchers, innovation professionals and creatives.

Check in the Pollen Robotic Website


Samsung unveils Ballie – An AI  “rolling” security camera


Ballie robot follows the owner to be its virtual assistant without the use of a smartphone.

The robot communicate with Smart-home devices like smart-light and cleaning robots. Samsung report that the robot will be able to understand if owner require help .

NEXTLG CLOi robots will be working together to improve our life and Tega – the robot that teaches at school

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