OTTO Arms robot become humanoid

The new OTTO ARMS remix based on the OTTO DIY evolves from a biped robot to a full humanoid form. It’s not an easy task but the community succeeded especially thanks to the contribution to Robot Creations Team, Jason Snow and Camilo Palacio.

OTTO Arms robot now has fully functioning arm movements that enhance expressiveness and enable new actions like balancing on feets or rolling. The code is also compatible with the editor mBlocks simplified for STEAM education 🙂 !

Part List:

  • 6 x SG90 SERVOS
  •  Arduino NANO atmega328 version
  •  Arduino NANO I/O shield
  • HC SR04 ultrasonic module
  • MAX7219 dot matrix module
  • piezo 5volt buzzer
  • 12 x Female to female hook-up wires
  • 1 x Bluetooth module (optional)



Code Repository

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