Otto Ninja is great surprise for us, let’s find out why!

OTTODIY is a robot that improve via community contribution “remixes” , the robot latest “evolution” Otto Ninja is great surprise for us, let’s find out why !ย 

OTTONINJA combine legs and wheels movement in a seemless humanoid body with the advantages of the speed and the mobility!ย 

Thanks to the Otto Inventor program, Sebastian Coddington the creator has work closely with the Otto DIY to bring this robot to the masses. The project is available here .


Otto Ninja can be bought as kit in the official website , and it is designed to help children and adults understand the basics of new technologies and become the STEM+A and Ninjas of the future!

OTTODIY is an opensource project you can download the source code available here [OttoDIY GitHub ]

Good job! ๐Ÿ™‚

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