#OttoREMIXChallenge winners announced!

From 37 projects to over 73 projects inlcuding over 100 re-designs, the OttoREMIX robot challenge was a great success!



OTTODIY community

The creator of the Otto Project, Camillo Parracio, describe with interest each entry  in the video below. He is active in the community and help each members to get the full potential from their project. Like him there are many robotic enthusiasts that are willing to help : OTTODIY has the best community to start build their personal robot!

List of entries:

  1. Quad; a mix of Otto and a spider, https://wikifactory.com/+OttoDIY/otto-quad
  2. Rover; a mix of 2 opensource projects, https://wikifactory.com/+OttoDIY/rover
  3. Otto Wheels, now Otto can move faster! https://wikifactory.com/+OttoDIY/w , 3-4 designs from the same Otto Builder, Jason thanks for all your contributions!
  4. Fiberbot; a walking 3D printed filament spool robot, https://wikifactory.com/+OttoDIY/fiberbot
  5. Robonino; Ultimaker fans may recognize this robot appearance, https://wikifactory.com/+OttoDIY/robonino
  6. Otto Punk; Otto with a hairstyle! (https://wikifactory.com/+OttoDIY/ottodiy-punk)
  7. Bender, for Futurama fans (https://wikifactory.com/+OttoDIY/bender-arms)
  8. Plasteac; A walking Teapot robot, how funny is that, https://wikifactory.com/+OttoDIY/plasteac
  9. Evil and Grim reaper, 2 separate entries of Halloween costumes for Otto https://wikifactory.com/+OttoDIY/ottoween
  10. Santa and Nut Cracker https://wikifactory.com/+OttoDIY/santa-claus-nutcracker
  11. Microbit biped https://wikifactory.com/+OttoDIY/microbit-biped
  12. Minions! https://wikifactory.com/+OttoDIY/minion-08e48
  13. and https://wikifactory.com/+OttoDIY/minion
  14. From the creator of Bob the first opensource biped now with arms https://wikifactory.com/+OttoDIY/bobotto
  15. Otto got married in this 2 adorable remix https://wikifactory.com/+OttoDIY/marriage
  16. The full ceremony here! (https://youtu.be/fMlU1hTTF6A)
  17. IcBob smart use of power bank https://wikifactory.com/+OttoDIY/icbob
  18. One eye Otto :O https://wikifactory.com/+OttoDIY/eye
  19. Otto Turtle now Oto can draw and move precisely thanks to this clever design, https://wikifactory.com/+OttoDIY/otto-turtle-drawing-robot
  20. Chaplin, now Otto is a retro comedian looking like Charlie Chaplin by the way made by 10 years old! https://wikifactory.com/+OttoDIY/otto-chaplin
  21. From Prusa Lab the creators of the best opensource 3D printer; a cool Otto that can rotate the head: https://wikifactory.com/@prusalab/ottodiy-head-extension,
  22. OTTO With anti slip shoes! https://wikifactory.com/+OttoDIY/ottobot-antislip-shoes-00a11
  23. They also made an Otto with a security camera, https://wikifactory.com/+OttoDIY/ottonic
  24. Bob-303 Otto with more articulated legs and using raspberry Pi, https://wikifactory.com/+OttoDIY/bob-303
  25. A quick way to assemble the ultrasound, https://wikifactory.com/+OttoDIY/wombatics-otto
  26. Zeus an Otto that can bite and has cute LED eyes expressions, https://wikifactory.com/+OttoDIY/ottobite
  27. Otto made into an Alpaca! https://wikifactory.com/+OttoDIY/alpaca-otto
  28. Otto like Baymax the inflatable robot from big hero 6 https://wikifactory.com/+OttoDIY/otto-baymax-remix
  29. Otto made of balsa https://wikifactory.com/+OttoDIY/wotto
  30. Another wood Otto but with Arduino UNO https://wikifactory.com/+OttoDIY/otto-for-arduinouno
  31. Batbox even do it does not have legs, it uses all codes and parts an Otto will https://wikifactory.com/+OttoDIY/bat-bot
  32. Dino-Otto a Tyrannosaurus Rex mod of Otto https://wikifactory.com/+OttoDIY/dino-otto
  33. A must do, Otto made of Legos https://wikifactory.com/+OttoDIY/legotto-diy
  34. Otto Droid design based on the star wars robot https://wikifactory.com/+OttoDIY/star-wars-gonk-droid


Like Winner — the most liked by the community with more than 350 likes, Alpaca  OTTO Remix!

3rd place  — Chaplin remix by Thelmo : the robot express creativity and has a great photo documentation and very funny presentation final video.

2nd placeBaymax remix!  by Mario Josué, again very good documentation and adding elements like it own app to control Otto with voice commands!


1st placeTurtle  remix by Albert Mazur! The author added a drawing functionality to Otto. Everything was well documented with the best details and well presented.


Open-Source projects!


An incredible result for the opensource community , everyone will benefits from them and keep the project up-to-date with new ideas.

Download your OTTO-Remix, print and build your robot ! Congratulations, we are all winners! 

•About Me: Hi, my name is Marco, I'm a tech enthusiasts and Software Developer . Robots have been my passion since I was a child! •PersonalRobots Mission : We will guide you in choosing the perfect domestic robot, check our robot reviews! Learn with us how to build your robot and check our opensource robotic project :)

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