Pando is an emotional robopet

The robot family of OTTO-DIY expands with “remixes” from the community. Pando robot remix came from the DFRobot community by the user Ironpanda, it has the peculiarity to use a led matrix to create expressive emotions and a gyroscope to feel it’s orientation. The robot will get angry if turned down and happy if picked up in the hands!

STEAM fill the gap between tech and people:

There are still many elements of the technology that remain inaccessible to people, this is largely because there is a disconnection between understanding the rules and restrictions of the machines themselves and how users can design and ultimately program.  STEAM Projects, like this, put a playful twist on educating the increasingly curious makers around the world today filling the gap.

List of materials :

    • DFRobot Romeo or  ESP8266 witn oled LCD included
    • DFRobot FireBeetle 24×8 LED dot matrix screen × 1 or ESP8266 witn oled LCD included
    • Tower Pro MG90S 
    • TTP223 touch sensor × 1
    • MPU6050 six-axis gyroscope × 1
    • Analog sound sensor × 1
    • Buzzer × 1
    • 7.4V lithium battery × 1
    • Toggle switch 2 
    • jumper cables 
    • 3D printed structural parts (head, body, legs, feet)
    • 2mm thick translucent black acrylic


You can find the 3d printed design on Thingverse

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