PiBo opensource robot

PiBo robot is opensource robot based on RaspberryPI board and as an opensource projects it has the advantage to grown ever when there is no specific company to produce them.  We see this evolution from BOB the biped to OTTO DIY or ZOWI and this is the case of PiBO aswell!

The first version of the robot includes:

  • Raspberry Pi
  • ultrasonic sensors (SR04)
  • camera modules
  • speakers
  • standard servo motor (as3103 * 9 pieces)
  • the motor controller (mini-maestro12, pololu)
  • jumper wires
  • SD card
  • WiFi module
  • 3D printing robot
  • exterior bolts / nuts (2.6, 3, 4mm)
  • lipo battery (2cell over)


The robot evolved in PiBO v2 as a smart entertainment robot that wants to be your personal companion. It can provide you with info from the Internet, including weather forecast. Users can share emotions with piBo and maintain a daily diary. The robot can be customised thanks to its companion app.


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