Pixy robot by Clementoni – code & play !

Pixy is a programmable robot toy by Clementoni ( for kids 8+). The robot has a color screen, that is used to interact and show emotions, also the robot is programmable via the mobile app and it has several games and “cubes” that give direct commands. Its colorful, easy to use , it works offline and has a free mobile app!


The competition with products like Cozmo and Vector and Boxer&Novi  has now a Pixy as new entry, they also share some of the appearance, sounds effects and  some functionality like programming using “Blocky”.


  • Pixy has 10 active game modes with special cubes
  • By inserting one of the cubes on his back, you enable games like :  line following, sumo, avoid obstacles, escape or follow a prey, dance or strike activity.
  • Control Pixy’s movements in Real Time
  • Take care of Pixy with games
  • learn “bloky” programming
  • Draw in your tablet and your painting will appear in the screen of the robot


Buy Pixy robot by Clementoni here:

Pixy App download here : Amazon Store

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