PRECURSOR is rebooting the sci-fi movie scene

PRECURSOR is a sci-fi robotic short movie that aim to reboot the robotic movie scene in Italy ( de facto “forgotten” despite the popularity of italian movies in the world) . The movie is the prequel of CURSOR corto published on 2nd May 2016 that performed well with more than 1 million views on youtube and a score of 4.8/10 on IMdb

precursor - cursor movie
precursor – cursor movie

Cursor Plot:

The year is 2034. Four soldiers sent a mission: place four systems devices to destroy robots created to kill humanity. The soldiers begin their escape : The salvation will have an unexpected robotic “face”.

The creator Marco Castiglione has taught visual effects and compositing at the University Sapienza of Rome. He recently won a second placement in a 3D modelling world wide competition.

precursor logo

Precursor Plot:

In the future where robots kills humans, an orphan girl live with the survivors group hidden by the machines.  Hidden in the robot factory she find something to help her to defeat the evil robot machines ..


For the realization of his second movie, Marco Castiglione is asking for your help : PRECURSOR crowfounding is now open on Eppela with esclusive 2k version of the movie, gadgets and t-shirts!




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