Robot Barber – get an haircut during quarantine

Cutting and styling people’s hair require precision and care, what can go wrong if a Robot Barber do this job instead? Shane Wighton designed and created this robot and get his haircut successful, after trials , a bit of pain and (t)errors !

  ” My hair is getting too long so I decided to build a robot to cut it for me.”

His cutting robot uses a vacuum to stand the hair upright, 3D-printed fingers to grip a small bundle of hair, and servo-driven scissors to cut it to length and sensors to measure the distance to the head.

The angle of cut of the scissors can be adjusted using a robot arm , and the entire robot rotates on a circular axis mechanism where you need to insert a human head . The robot is controlled by a computer via python scripts.

Funny things, the Robot Barber talks to you about weather and other small-talks to ease the terrified human . Good job! 🙂


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