Robot Sink helps with dishes and more

Jake Ammons  created the “Robot Sink”, an innovation to the simple idea of the sink mechanism unchanged for centuries.

Opening the road to the AI

Initially build as an architectural project, we all see a great potential of the idea : a manoeuvrable sink can easily become a high skilled robot capable of helping in the kitchen & cleaning dished once they are placed in the tray , just adding a bit of AI and computer vision.



The robot components are :  x1 Arduino , x3 motors with a motor controller, x1 electric water valve, steel wires and 3d printed parts.

This clever idea can be the turning point capable of d̶i̶s̶r̶u̶p̶t̶  innovate the dishwasher industry? We’ll see!

Good job Jake 🙂 !

[ Source > Jake Ammons YouTube channel ] 


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