Robot Toplist April 2019

We are proud to show you the Robot Toplist for April 2019!

In the 2019 we see a strong grown of “open-source” robots projects : we saw some incredible builds like SpotMicro and OpenCat with the peculiar quadruped locomotion ( driven by the Boston Dynamic’s SpotMini popularity ). For the “consumer” prospective special mentions to  PlenCube and  Segway Loomo project that are in complete (or nearly completed ) so we expect to be delivered soon to the market.

The Anki Vector robot didn’t receive software updates yet ( and no news/ blog posts about it) however the Anki company was chosen 1st as the most innovative of the year.

As usually our Robot Toplist score criteria are

  • Entertainment
  • Functionality
  • Easy to use
  • Innovation
  • Expand-ability
  • Consumer market availability
  • DIY kit
  • Public Dev SDK availability
  • Open Source


Toplist April 2019


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