RobotCat is a new 3D printed opensource kitty!

After several robotic dogs now is the turn of robot kittens 🐱 ! Today we have RobotCat by !  The project is very interesting because the author didn’t use conventional Arduino circuit boards, but he opted for an M5Camera Module that runs on Esp32.

A step further

The advantage of this approach that RobotCat has a face recognition functionality thanks to the 640×480 pixel camera, it can control servos, connect to Wifi and make complex movements.

Two years ago, I start saw many robot cats and dogs projects on the web. They works, walk well and can do some pose. The only shortcoming is it does not look like a cat or dog.

So I try to build my own robot cat. The main target are look like a cat, act like a cat.- 陳亮



Eyes and brain in a single board


Thanks to the M5 Stack Camera all the main components are condensed in a single board, the robot body includes only a PWM 16 Channel Servo controller module to commands the x13 SG90 Servo motors  and x1 Lipo battery ( with a  5v DC-DC converter) .



The author included the full instruction step to step , source code and the 3D printed files! Good Job 🙂

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