Robotic Cubes Jump and Communicate

M-Blocks the robotic cubes  from MIT reach the version 2.0 . The most amazing thing of this cubes is that they have a built-in system for communication with which the blocks can talks, re-organise and collaborate to perform complex tasks.

Each cube can jump and spin using an internal “inertial motor”, and lock itself using magnet to other cubes:

Inside each modular “M-Block” is a flywheel that moves at 20,000 revolutions per minute, using angular momentum when the flywheel is braked. On each edge and every face are permanent magnets that let any two cubes attach to each other.

More and more robotic companies are moving to modular “block” systems:

The bet is that modular swarms of robotic cubes can have make stronger capabilities and flexibility than normal robots.


“M stands for motion, magnet, and magic,” says MIT Professor and CSAIL Director Daniela Rus. “’Motion,’ because the cubes can move by jumping. ‘Magnet,’ because the cubes can connect to other cubes using magnets, and once connected they can move together and connect to assemble structures. ‘Magic,’ because we don’t see any moving parts, and the cube appears to be driven by magic.”



Source MIT

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